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Carroll County Sheriff's Office 5-28-15   Print  E-mail
Results 1 - 1 of 31

The overnight arrest report for Carroll County.

Name & Age Residence Classification


Total 81

Intakes and Releases From: 5-27-15 Thru 5-28-15

Baum, Christopher Edward-42 Green Forest AR Misd Affidavit for theft of property--HOA for Boone County
Hudson, Roy Curtis-68 Berryville AR Misd Public intoxication
Jung, Timothy Orville-42 Shell Knob MO Prior Felon FTA on speeding--Speeding 80/55--Driving on susp lic

Intakes and Releases From: 5-26-15 Thru 5-27-15

Brandt, Bryce Wayne-22 Berryville AR Prior Felon Theft by receiving
Capelle, Almita-29 Berryville AR Misd FTP on careless driving/no proof ins
Ford, Rodney Gene-41 Berryville AR Misd Domestic battery 3rd degree

Intakes and Releases From: 5-25-15 Thru 5-26-15

Fuchs, Thomas A-36 Buckeye AZ N/A HOA
Henry, John R-36 Prairie Grove AR Misd Terroristic threatening--Domestic battery--Criminal mischief
Lajuan, Elti-34 Berryville AR Misd Public intoxication
Parks, Tara-31 Tulalip WA Misd Public intoxication
Snyder, Christopher-43 Berryville AR N/A FTA

Intakes and Releases From: 5-24-15 Thru 5-25-15

Brantner, Joshua Lee-28 Oak Grove AR Misd DWI--Disregarding stop sign--Failure to control vehicle--Fleeing--Refusal to submit to test
Mandrell, Ronny James-39 Green Forest AR Misd Disorderly conduct
Pearson, Ashley Nicole-28 Green Forest AR Misd Disorderly conduct--Public intoxication
Serna, Joe Adam-30 Berryville AR Prior Felon Public intoxication
Valle-Orellana, Oscar R-40 Berryville AR Misd DWI--No seat belt--No proof ins--Driving left of center--Implied consent

Intakes and Releases From: 5-23-15 Thru 5-24-15

Gagliardi, Ryan Salvatore-30 Omaha AR Felony Possession of drug paraphernalia--PCS (Meth)--Violation of protection order--Endangering welfare of a minor--PCS (marijuana)
Powers, Matthew Phillip-28 Bella Vista AR Misd Public intoxication--Careless & prohibited driving--PCS--Possession of drug paraphernalia
Ramos, Debra Ann-28 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication

Intakes and Releases From: 5-22-15 Thru 5-23-15

Birchfield, Samuel James-24 Eureka Springs AR PC Violation of no contact order--FTP
Clark, Raymond Bradley-54 Berryville AR Prior Felon FTP child support
Dillard, Austin Joseph-22 Holiday Island AR Misd Court commitment
Doyle, Tiffany Kristine-28 Berryville AR Felony Drug court order
Gagliardi, Lacy Rebecca Harrison AR PC Speeding--No proof ins--FTP registration fee--Endangering welfare of a minor 3rd degree--PCS (Meth)--Possession of drug paraphernalia--PCS (marijuana)
Guess, Jimmy Dale-47 Eureka Springs AR Misd FTA on DWI
Schilling, Jeremy Allen-30 Green Forest AR Misd Obstructing govt operations--Driving on susp due to DWI--No ins--Careless & prohibited driving
Smith, Maynard Brainbride-46 Berryville AR Misd Domestic battery 3rd degree

Intakes and Releases From: 5-21-15 Thru 5-22-15

Chriswell, Eddie Lee-27 Eureka Springs AR Felony ACT 570
Gustafson, Vanessa Laree-20 Harrison AR Felony FTA on PCS
Leggett, Shasta Ann-42 Eureka Springs AR Misd FTP on TOP
Rogers, Winston Cole-23 Batavia AR Misd FTA on drinking in public
Schwyhart, Jesie Cole-28 Green Forest AR Misd Possession of a Schedule II controlled substance
Shonka, Kimberly Ann-53 Holiday Island AR Misd Careless & imprudent driving--Possession--DWI drugs--Implied consent
Snow, Brian Kenneth-26 Green Forest AR Misd Assault on family/hh member 3rd degree
Tapia, Ana Lucero-18 Eureka Springs AR Misd Possession of a controlled substance--Possession of drug paraphernalia

Intakes and Releases From: 5-20-15 Thru 5-21-15

Gregory, Richard Dale III-26 Berryville AR Prior Felon Burglary--Theft by receiving
Vaughn, Michael Donovan-49 Eureka Springs AR Prior Felon Parole violation/white warrant


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