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Intakes and Releases From: 2-19-18 Thru 2-20-18

Blackbear, Jayln James-19 Berryville AR Misd Shoplifting
Burdick, Hollie Ann-38 Berryville AR Misd Court commitment
Heimer, Dustin Ray-34 Oak Grove AR Felony Domestic battery--Endangering welfare of a minor
Hernandez Fabia, Rodolfo-48 Batesville AR Misd No drivers license--Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
Hernandez Amado, Jesus-25 Batesville AR Misd No drivers license--Defective equipment
Lane, David Alvin-20 Compton AR Misd Carrying a knife as a weapon
McMorrow, Alan Hanley-35 Eureka Springs AR Misd Driving on susp--No trailer lights--Domestic battery--FTP fines-contempt
Parker, Wayne M-28 Lead Hill AR Misd Driving on susp

Intakes and Releases From: 2-18-18 Thru 2-19-18

Merrell, Jason Matthew-31 Rogers AR Misd DWI--Refusal to submit to chemical test--Open container--Driving left of center--Careless/prohibited driving

Intakes and Releases From: 2-16-18 Thru 2-17-18

Bailey, Adam-21 Eureka Springs AR Prior felon Commercial burglary--Theft--Theft by receiving--Tampering with physical evidence--Attempted commercial burglary--Revocation of suspended sentence or probation--Hold for Barry County--FTA on no insurance/fictitious vehicle license
Gonzalez, Edward-28 Alpena AR Prior Felon FTP--Contempt of court
Hansen, Derek, Lester-32 Oak Grove AR Prior Felon Driving on susp--No seat belt--Operation of vehicle without license plate--No child restraints--No proof liab ins--Obstructing driver view/driving mech
Helm, Jason Hartley-32 Goshen MO Prior Felon Absconder warrant
Hosman, Grant Allen-23 Alpena AR Misd Driving left of center--Disorderly conduct
Howell, Gayla Beth-50 Bergman AR Misd FTP--Contempt of court

Intakes and Releases From: 2-14-18 Thru 2-15-18

Gatlin, Julia Nicole-19 Green Forest AR Felony Revocation on residential burglary--Obstructing govt operations--Fleeing--Escape--FTA--FTP
Smith, Jason Paul-39 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Aggravated robbery--Aggravated assault

Intakes and Releases From: 2-13-18 Thru 2-14-18

Sears, Jason M-46 Green Forest AR FTA--HOA for Washington County

Intakes and Releases From: 2-12-18 Thru 2-13-18

Burdick, Hollie A-38 Berryville AR Court commitment
Holmes, Guy D-51 Eureka Springs AR FTP--FTA
Penate-Ramos, Ricardo-36 Berryville AR DWI--Careless/prohibited driving--No drivers license--No proof liab ins

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