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Intakes and Releases From: 3-19-15 Thru 3-20-15

Dennington, David Lawrence-43 Texarkana AR PC Assault on family/household member

Intakes and Releases From: 3-17-15 Thru 3-18-15

Davis, Sarah Leeanne-25 Eureka Springs AR Misd FTP on fines
Olson, Mark Douglas-42 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxcation
Phillips, Delbert Lee-57 Holiday Island AR Felony HOA for Douglas County Illinois
Robinson, Jerry Oliver-43 Omaha AR Prior Felon FTA/FTP

Intakes and Releases From: 3-16-15 Thru 3-17-15

Armer, Allen Ray-53 Alpena AR Misd Driving on susp due to DWI--Driving left of center
Fletcher, Cynthia Marie-31 Green Forest AR Misd FTP time pay
McGlynn, Patricia Ann-41 Green Forest AR Felony Obstruction of govt ops--FTA/shoplifting--Body attachment for child support
Smith, Greg Patrick-40 Berryville AR Prior Felon FTA--Bench warrant revocation of susp sentence & FTA PCS

Intakes and Releases From: 3-15-15 Thru 3-16-15

Badley, Brennan Aldon-22 Green Forest AR N/A Driving on susp license--No tail light
Carpenter, Brenda Darlene-48 Oklahoma City OK Misd Driving on susp--Posession of marijuana <4oz--Possession of instrument of crime--Endangering welfare of incomp--No liab ins
Ferguson, Timothy Terrence--31 N/A Misd FTA/FTP on sleeping in public
Hernandez, Silvia Leon-59 Berryville AR Misd Obstructing govt ops--Resisting arrest--Disorderly conduct
Keys, Nathan W-53 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Logan, Scott Gregory-31 Green Forest AR Misd FTA on criminal mischief
Mandrell, Ronny James-39 Green Forest AR Misd FTP on battery 3rd degre/DWI
Ramirez-Martinez, Eliel-54 Berryville AR Misd DWI--Careless & prohibited driving--No DL--Implied consent
Reyes-Perez, Mario-61 Berryville AR Misd DWI--Disorderly conduct--Obstructing govt ops--No liab ins--Reckless driving--Speeding

Intakes and Releases From: 3-14-15 Thru 3-15-15

Arciga, Leopoldo O-40 Green Forest AR Misd DWI
Briley, Charles Everett-39 Green Forest AR Sex Offender Court appearance
Glidden, Christopher James-41 Pineville MO Misd DWI #3--Implied consent--Driving without headlights--Failure to use turn signal--Driving on susp
Collett, Brittney Hope-30 Berryville AR Prior Felon Bond revocation
Hampton, Carlton Joseph-44 Rowlett TX Misd FTA on careless driving
Pearson, Ashley Nicole-28 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Rios-Perez, David-22 Green Forest AR Misd Court commitment

Intakes and Releases From: 3-13-15 Thru 3-14-15

French, Nicholas Robert-34 Eureka Springs AR Felony Violation of protection order--Domestic battery 3rd degree x 2--False imprisonment 1st degree x2
Irey, Brandy Michelle-31 Vendor AR Misd Public intoxication
Jerrell, Tommy Lewis-40 Berryville AR Felony Court commitment
Phillips, Delbert-57 Holiday Island AR Felony VAHCL
Thomas, Corey Allen-23 Green Forest AR Felony Failure to register as sex offender

Intakes and Releases From: 3-11-15 Thru 3-12-15

Bowlby, Bobby Sue-45 Green Forest AR N/A Public intoxication
Buescher, Bretta-45 Pea Ridge AR Misd DWI--Careless & prohibited driving
Horton, Jackie Faye-33 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Smith, Laura Ann-43 Green Forest AR Misd DWI--Careless & prohibited driving--no seat belt
Yancey, Jessica Lynn-25 Green Forest AR N/A Speeding 46/25--Drivers license suspended--No seat belt--No child safety restraint x 4--Endangering a minor 3rd degree x 5

Intakes and Releases From: 3-10-15 Thru 3-11-15

Elliott, Deana Ann Marie-22 Bella Vista AR Prior Felon VAHCL x 3 counts
Henderson, Amanda E-31 Berryville AR Prior Felon Domestic battery 3rd degree
Kisling, John Harold-46 Eagle Rock MO N/A FTA on implied consent/DWI/failure to yield
McKnight, Scot William-52 Eureka Springs AR N/A Public intoxication--Possession of drug paraphernalia
Philllips, Clint Eugene-38 Huntsville AR Felony Revocation
Taylor, Charles Tillman-26 Eureka Springs AR Felony Robbery--Criminal trespass

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