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Intakes and Releases From: 2-26-14 Thru 2-27-14

Edwards, Jason Anthony-29 Berryville AR Felony Parole violation

Intakes and Releases From: 2-25-14 Thru 2-26-14

Breedlove, Michelle Lynn-24 Harrison AR Felony Driving on suspended license--No proof ins--Failure to pay registration--PCS--Possession of drug para--Furnishing prohibited articles
Ohler, Cory Dale-25 Green Forest AR Sex Offender HOA
Rich, April Rae-32 Green Forest AR Prior Felon FTA

Intakes and Releases From: 2-24-14 Thru 2-25-14

Alcantara, Hector Joaquin-43 Berryville AR Prior Felon  Failure to appear
Briley, Charles Everett-38 Green Forest AR Felony Probation violation
Brown, Angela Marie-40 Huntsville AR Misd Domestic battery 3rd degree
Brown, Robert Allen-44 Huntsville AR Felony Domestic battery 3rd degree
Hutchison, Nikki Renee-31 Green Forest AR Felony Revocation
Reyes, Carlos Enrique-57 Berryville AR Misd No Drivers license--No seat belt

Intakes and Releases From: 2-23-14 Thru 2-24-14

Kettner, Shawn Allen-20 Springdale AR Felony Theft by receiving--Forgery 2nd degree--Fraudulent use of credit card
Lee, Coty Thomas-28 Golden MO Prior Felon VAHCL--Shoplifting

Intakes and Releases From: 2-21-14 Thru 2-22-14

Anthony, Melissa Shelby-38 Berryville AR N/A Theft of property--Unlawful removal of theft detection device--FTA--HOA
Bradley, William Lucas-22 Batesville AR Felony Failure to comply with suspended sentence
Christian, Amanda Kay-34 Alpena AR Misd Failure to pay
Davidson, Stacey Lonzo-30 Alpena AR Misd HOA
Jorns, Tabetha Debra-23 Berryville AR Prior Felon Theft of property
Martin, Casey Shawn-31 Green Forest AR Misd Driving on susp license due to DWI
Miller, Colby Michael-21 Harrison AR N/A No seat belt--No DL--DWI--No proof insurance

Intakes and Releases From: 2-20-14 Thru 2-21-14

Gray, Cynthia Sue-47 Berryville AR Misd FTP on hot check
Hall, Anthony Eugene-26 Eureka Springs AR Misd FTA
Pointer, Bryan Keith Jr-20 Huntsville AR Felony FTA

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