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Intakes and Releases From: 5-31-16 Thru 6-1-16

Delderfield-Torres, Brianna-19 Eureka Springs AR Misd Domestic battery
Finley, Gina Marie-35 Holiday Island AR Misd DWI--Implied consent--Driving left of center--No proof ins--No drivers license--Careless driving--FTA on failure to control vehicle--FTP on speeding, driving on susp
Hoft, Chastady Dawn-41 Berryville AR Misd Theft of property

Intakes and Releases From: 5-30-16 Thru 5-31-16

Bastion, Ashley Nicole-30 Eureka Springs AR Prior Felon HOA for Washington & Boone County
Choate, Charles David-26 Green Forest AR Misd DWI #2--Refusal to submit to chemical test--Careless & prohibited driving
Mason, Kerry Dale-63 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Public intoxication
Ranero, George-23 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication

Intakes and Releases From: 5-29-16 Thru 5-30-16

Fine, Anthony Wayne-23 Bentonville AR Misd Disorderly conduct--Public intoxication-- Obstructing govt ops
Gerster, Michael Travis-31 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Hamrick, Nicholas Huie-39 Huntsville AR Mids Expired tags--Driving on susp--Riding motorcycle w/o eyewear--No ins
Howard, Mark David-42 Fayetteville AR Prior Felon FTP on PCS
Ivey, Ben Edwin-24 Hondo TX Misd Public intoxication--Disorderly conduct
Young, Evan Guy-28 Berryville AR Prior Felon DWI--Implied consent--No seat belt--Reckless driving--Failure to change address

Intakes and Releases From: 5-28-16 Thru 5-29-16

Arciga, Leopoldo-42 Green Forest AR Misd Driving on susp due to DWI
Esparza-Regalado, Kimberley-34 Kansas OK Misd Driving on susp due to DWI--Speeding 72/55
Green, Spring December-35 Springfield MO Felony FTA
Hector, Abel Josiah-34 Huntsville AR Misd Public intoxication
Jester, Heather Marie-38 Alpena AR Prior Felon FTP
Kemp, Meagan E-26 Eureka Springs AR PC PCS--Possession of drug paraphernalia--Endangering welfare of a minor--HOA for US Marshall Service--Driving on susp
Parton, Cody Joe-31 Green Forest AR Felony PCS--Possession of drug paraphernalia--Theft of property
Pointer, Bryan K-22 Huntsville AR Prior Felon Driving on susp--Possession of drug paraphernalia--Shoplifting
Potteet, Rachel Kathaleen-39 Berryville AR Prior Felon Court commitment 10 of 16
Richardson, James Lucas-34 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Public intoxication--FTP--HOA for Boone County
Roberts, Christopher Lynn-33 Berryville AR Misd Driving on susp due to DWI--No liab ins--FTP registration fee
Sohn, Greg Paul-33 Eureka Springs AR Felony Possession of a controlled substance
Sterling, Melissa Ann-37 Berryville AR Felony PCS--No proof liab ins--Defective equipment
Whiteley, Dylan Berryville AR Misd Domestic battery

Intakes and Releases From: 5-26-16 Thru 5-27-16

Bickel, Ivan-39 Berryville AR Misd Assault on family/household member--Criminal mischief
Helm, Jason Hartley-30 Berryville AR Prior Felon Parole revocation
Matlock, James Milton-49 Navarre FL Felony Possession of controlled substance x 2 counts--Possession of drug paraphernalia with intent--Speeding--VAHCL--FTA on illegal dumping--HOA for Boone County
Scott, Cody Austin-30 Fayetteville AR Prior Felon FTP

Intakes and Releases From: 5-25-16 Thru 5-26-16

Hubbard, Cody Garrett-18 Berryville AR Misd Battery 3rd degree

Intakes and Releases From: 5-24-16 Thru 5-25-16

Smith, Troy Lawrence-58 Berryville AR Misd Public intoxication
Toscano, Mario Javier-48 Berryville AR Prior Felon FTA on susp DL--FTP on battery

Intakes and Releases From: 5-23-16 Thru 5-24-16

Easley, Scott Alfred-27 Green Forest AR Misd FTP time pay
Garbarini, Alfred Ralph-35 Red Bluff CA Misd Public intoxication
Hancock, Anthony Scott-22 Huntsville AR Misd FTA
Wray, Sean Ryan-34 Clarksville AR Misd HOA for Clarksville PD

Intakes and Releases From: 5-22-16 Thru 5-23-16

Bass, Joe Lee-24 Berryville AR Prior Felon FTP
English, Corey Michael-18 Branson MO Felony HOA for Stone County
Goodman, Tonya Sue-43 Berryville AR Felony PCS--Possession of drug paraphernalia--Possession of marijuana--Driving left of center--DWI-drugs--Refusal to submit to chemical test
Harp, Randa SK Nicole-27 Berryville AR Misd Speeding--No proof ins--No drivers license
Overstreet, Danny Hayhurst-42 Garfield AR Prior Felon Driving on susp--FTA

Intakes and Releases From: 5-21-16 Thru 5-22-16

Cleveland, Larry James-22 Golden MO Misd Driving on susp--Reckless driving--No ins
Coghan, Christine Danielle-36 Garfield AR Misd DWI--Reckless driving--Implied consent
Galloway, Judith Taylor-60 Green Forest AR Felony PCS--No proof liab ins--FTP registration fees--Operating unsafe vehicle--Failure to yield to emergency vehicle--Driving left of center--No seat belt
Hernandez, Jose Luis-27 Rogers AR Misd Public intoxication--Disorderly conduct
King, Morgan Danielle-21 Pea Ridge AR Misd Public intoxication
Leboeuf, Paul Douglas Slidelle LA PC Criminal mischief
Meeks, Adam Warren-24 Fayetteville AR Felony PCS (marijuana)--Possession of drug paraphernalia--Driving left of center--Driving on susp due to DWI
Porter, William Shane-54 Holland MO Prior Felon HOA for Izard County
Smith, Bradley Ray-33 Harrison AR Prior Felon FTA--FTP


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