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Intakes and Releases From: 3-31-16 Thru 4-1-16

Hall, Anthony Eugene-28 Eureka Springs AR Misd Assault on family/household member--Terroristic threatening--Violation of protection order--Criminal trespass
Scheller, Tyler James-27 Berryville AR Felony Aggravated assault on family/hh member--Resisting arrest
Vandenberg, Zachary Quinn-21 Eucha OK Misd FTP on leaving scene of accident--FTP reckless driving--HOA for Benton County

Intakes and Releases From: 3-30-16 Thru 3-31-16

Burr, Stephen Michael-33 Oak Grove AR Prior Felon Assault on family/househod member--Endangering welfare of a minor
McKenzie, Dustin-24 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Agravated assault on family/household member--Endangering welfare of a minor--HOA for Mountain Home

Intakes and Releases From: 3-29-16 Thru 3-30-16

Lawrence, Janelle Dawn-31 Berryville AR Misd FTP on driving on susp
Marcum, Amanda-35 Little Rock AR N/A FTA on battery, TOP, driving on susp, public intoxication, possession of instrument of crime
Martinrz, Tanya-21 Berryville AR Misd Driving on susp
Moran, Ian S-23 Alpena AR Prior Felon TOP
Schubert, John E-25 Eureka Springs AR Felony HOA for OK
Winder, Natasha K-33 Berryville AR Felony HOA for Washington County
Woodward, James Leon-61 Huntsville AR Felony FTP on TOP

Intakes and Releases From: 3-28-16 Thru 3-29-16

Delgado, Frances Leeann-26 Green Forest  AR Commitment Drug court violation
Duncan, Daniel Cole-24 Eureka Springs AR Misd No liab ins--Failure to maintain control--Driving on susp due to DWI
Gerlick, Carol Suzette-49 Berryville AR Felony Possession of drug paraphernalia
Gerlick, Robert Wayne-51 Berryville AR Felony Possession of drug paraphernalia
Gibson, Russell, Lewis-55 Mills WY Misd DWI--Speeding
Haushahn, Jerry Ray-46 Homeless Felony FTA x 3 counts
Rogers, Kevin Joe-51 Green Forest AR Felony Aggravated assault on family member--Domestic battery--Endangering welfare of minor--Violation of no contact order
Sexton, Michael Eldon-29 Eureka Springs AR Felony FTA on battery--Revocation
Smith, Charles Lee-23 Clinton AR Prior Felon FTP

Intakes and Releases From: 3-26-16 Thru 3-27-16

Escobar, Jose-29 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Galdamez, Luis-27 Green Forest AR Felony HOA for Sebastian County
Logan, Scott-32 Green Forest AR Felony Possession
Mason, Kerry Dale-63 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Ramos, Edwin Berryville AR Misd DWI #2--Reckless driving--No DL

Intakes and Releases From: 3-25-16 Thru 3-26-16

Berry, Ronnie Dean-28 Harrison AR Misd DWI #2--Driving left of center
Blevins, Nicholas Lynn-25 Golden MO Misd DWI--Driving on susp due to DWI--No proof liab ins--Disprderly conduct--Speeding 58/35--No seat belt
Chaney, Phillip Ray-59 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication--Disorderly conduct
Douglas, Kelly Rebecca-38 Everton AR Felony HOA for Madison County
Jester, Heather Marie-38 Greenwood AR Prior Felon HOA for Alpena
Leteff, Andrew Lance-59 N/A Misd DWI--Drinking on highway--Driving on susp due to DWI
Potteet, Rachel Kathaleen-39 Berryville AR Felony Court commitment
Richard, James Clifford-51 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Court commitment 5 of 5 weekends

Intakes and Releases From: 3-24-16 Thru 3-25-16

Gonzalez, Jose Antonio-22 Green Forest AR Misd Hold for Harrison PD
Morgan, Justin Jay-24 Eureka Springs AR Felony HOA for Oklahoma warrant
Waite, Rachel Erin-22 Eureka Springs AR Felony HOA for Oklahoma warrant
Williams, James Henry-37 Green Forest AR Prior Felon HOA for Washington County

Intakes and Releases From: 3-23-16 Thru 3-24-16

Cook, Stacy Nichole-21 Huntsville AR Misd FTA
Mandrell, Ronny James-40 Homeless Misd FTA on DWI/DOS/reckless/fail to yield--FTP on DWI/battery
Martinez, Tanya Saray-21 Berryville AR Misd Domestic battery
Palencia, Taylor Nichole-34 Huntsville AR Commitment FTP on no proof liab ins--Act 570 court commitment
Phillips, Scott Joseph-37 Berryville AR Felony Aggravated assault on family/household member
Sayen, Natalie A-43 Eureka Springs AR Prior Felon TOP--Criminal mischief
Tanner, Aaron Jason-36 Huntsville AR Commitment Act 570
Waite, Rachel Erin-22 Eureka Springs AR Felony HOA for OK
Windle, Benjamin Matthew-22 Eureka Springs AR N/A HOA for Osage OK

Intakes and Releases From: 3-22-16 Thru 3-23-16

Mayo, Rodney Dale-45 Springdale AR Misd FTA on driving on susp due to DWI

Intakes and Releases From: 3-21-16 Thru 3-22-16

Armstrong, Brandon Oren-29 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Speeding 56/45--Driving on susp--Careless & prohibited driving--No insurance
Barnhart, Elijah James-18 Berryville AR Misd Minor in possession
Briscoe, Raymond Lee-44 Tulsa OK Misd Violation of Arkansas Hot Check Law
Deertz, Fredrick William-21 Green Forest AR Misd FTP on public intoxication, assault on hh/family member--Fleeing--Refusal to submit to arrest
Hillhouse, Randon James-20 Berryville AR Felony Commercial burglary--Breaking or entering--Theft of property--Driving on susp DL--Unsafe vehicle--Purchase or possession by minor--Driving left of center
Pierce, Katlyn Ranee-20 Harrison AR Misd Minor in possession--Obstructing govt ops

Intakes and Releases From: 3-20-16 Thru 3-21-16

Davidson, Stacey Lonzo-32 Alpena AR Prior Felon Driving on susp--HOA for Washington County
Gentry, Michael Don-60 Green Forest AR HOA HOA for Newton County
Moss, Bryan Joy-38  Green Forest AR Prior Felon Domestic battery
Westpheling, Nicholas Heath-25 Cassvile MO HOA DWI--HOA for Boone County

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