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Intakes and Releases From: 1-9-15 Thru 1-10-15

Baker, Sandra Michelle-34 Harrison AR Misd FTA on no seat belt/no or expired DL
Garcia-Henriquez, Rubi Marili-21 Green Forest AR Misd No drivers license
Lemley, Amanda D-36 Huntsville AR Misd HOA for Madison County
Thompson, Donald David-33 Green Forest AR Misd FTP on possession of controlled substance-marijuana
Villines, Jesse Thomas-41 Green Forest AR Misd FTP on driving on suspended license
Wilborn, Emory Page-26 Eureka Springs AR Misd FTA on disorderly conduct

Intakes and Releases From: 1-7-15 Thru 1-8-15

Arnold, Edward Lee-28 Harrison AR Prior Felon Obstructing govt operations--Possession of instrument of crime--Driving on susp/revoked license--No proof liab ins--Criminal impersonation--Failure to register vehicle--No seat belt--FTA
Calvert, Daniel Lee-28 Green Forest AR Felony Terroristic threatening--Domestic battery 3rd degree--Criminal mischief
Edwards, Jason Anthony-30 Berryville AR Prior Felon Obstructing govt operations--Possession of instrument of crime--Parole violation
Hutchison, Nikki Renee-32 Green Forest AR Prior Felon Court commitment
Patty, Rita Ember-26 Berryville AR Prior Felon Possession of controlled substance--Possession of instrument of crime
Schubert, John Edward-24 Springdale AR Misd No proof liab ins--Theft of property

Intakes and Releases From: 1-6-15 Thru 1-7-15

Coss, Brendon Harry-50 Omaha AR Prior Felon HOA for Boone County
Smith, Bradley Ray-32 Harrison AR Prior Felon FTP time pay--HOA for Newton County

Intakes and Releases From: 1-5-15 Thru 1-6-15

Chaney, Ashley Dawn-27 Alpena AR Misd FTA on Theft of property
Marshall, Payton-19 Berryville AR Misd DUI/Underage--Careless/prohibited driving--Purchase or possession by minor
Thomas, James Kelly-56 Alpena AR Prior Felon Driving on susp due to DWI

Intakes and Releases From: 1-4-15 Thru 1-5-15

Gibson, Dennis John Jr-27 Berryville AR PC Residential burglary--Theft of property--Public intoxication--Disorderly conduct
McGlynn, William Prescot-20 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Norman, Julie-33 Green Forest AR Misd Public intoxication
Norman, Ronald Edward-54 Green Forest AR Misd Domestic battery 3rd degree
Pentecost, Colin Bryce-23 Rogers AR Prior Felon FTA on no liab ins & careless driving

Intakes and Releases From: 1-3-15 Thru 1-4-15

Delgado, Francis Leeann-25 Green Forest AR Misd FTP on driving on suspended license
Eli, Ryan Trey-19 Green Forest AR Felony Possession of a controlled substance--Furnishing, possessing or using prohibit--Restricted license violation

Intakes and Releases From: 1-2-15 Thru 1-3-15

Bernal, Roberto Pasion-46 Green Forest AR PC Domestic battery 3rd degree
Salazar, Karen Yarelli-18 Green Forest AR Misd FTA on no or expired DL/no seat belt
Webber, Lorrena May-37 Berryville AR Felony Revocation

Intakes and Releases From: 1-1-15 Thru 1-2-15

Koob, Daniel E-41 Eureka Springs AR Misd DWI--Reckless driving
Winkelman, Kyle-29 Green Forest AR Misd DWI--Expired vehicle license--Careless & prohibited driving

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